How to Maintain Your Clearomizer in Perfect Condition

How to Maintain Your Clearomizer in Perfect Condition

Tanks or clearomizers are one of the three key components of vaping, the other two being battery and cheap e juice. The job of the tank is to hold the vape juice, which is then to be soaked up by the wick and then heated up by a wire coil and turned into vapor.

Generally, clearomizers are made of glass and it allows the vaper to keep a tab on how much liquid is left. It is of extreme importance to keep the vape tank or clearomizer in perfect working condition so that you have an ideal vaping experience. Here are some simple rules to help you maintain your vape tank:

Replacing the Coil

In case you ever face problems with the working of the clearomizer, the first thing that you must do is to change the coil. It is the atomizer that does most of the work in your vaping device and almost all problems with the vaporizer can be traced back to the coil.

Wash the Clearomizer

There are some vape tanks that allow you to take all the components apart and clean them inside out. If you own one of these, you are not likely to face any problems with cleaning the tank. All you have to do is take the parts apart and run them under clean water without using any soap. When they are dry, put them together again.

Checking the Drip Tip

The best way to make sure that your drip tip stays clean is to keep the tank in a case. However, if you don’t do this, then you must regularly make sure that that the drip tip is free from any debris or pocket fluff. If you have a removable drip tip, open it frequently to remove the small amount of liquid found under it.

When you are cleaning the tank make sure to soak up some of the cheap e juice that might be left as residue.